Diane Revoluta: Seven Reasons The Malborough Express Reeks (And Not Just of Racism)


1. Racism. It’s a thing.

A non-exhaustive list of how this cartoon depicts brown people:

  1. Greedy;
  2. People who see child poverty simply as a way to get free food;
  3. Fat;
  4. Lazy in that instead of “going out and getting a job” to feed their kids they just wait for a hand-out;

New favorite meme: Old Economy Steven

All of these.










***MAJOR trigger warning: rape for video***

New Zealand campaign “Who Are You?” video highlights importance of bystander intervention to prevent rape.

This is really arresting.

Rape prevention ad at it’s finest.

If you feel that something is wrong, if you suspect something, speak up! 

Wow, strong. Good.

Why doesn’t the US have ads like this? WE NEED THEM

This was a REALLY well done ad. Please note there are a few seconds of flashing lights though if you’d like to watch it.

I am really quite impressed with this. And No victim blaming throughout!

I wrote about this at the time, and I can’t find the post.

This campaign is great, and I get what they were trying to do. But I still wish there was a “who are you” question asked of the rapist.

Who are you? A vile, predatory, disgusting rapist. Let’s put the blame where it belongs, shall we? Not with the friend or the bystander, but with the rapist.




Some Strange Things Are Happening to Astronauts Returning to Earth

An awe-inspiring and truly perspective-rendering brief documentary about humans going to space and returning with a whole new outlook. 

The context of our existence never ceases to amaze me. 

Watch this and love your planet. 

Namaste :)


The history of typography




Okay so there is a sequel to My Neighbor Totoro (1988) , and it’s called Mei and the Kittenbus (2003)

…Did people know about this why would tHEY HIDE THIS FROM ME OMG TOTORO SEQUEL KITTENBUSGDGSA!!

how have I not known this?!?! D:
….need to find a copy SO BADLY x.x

As far as I know you can only see it at the Ghibli museum. Feels bad, man.

TIL about the Totoro sequel, and now I must go to Japan.


This is somewhat hypnotizing. (Plus the house cat looks like my boykitty Ruthven.)


A haiku from the article:  ‘Artful,’ by Ali Smith, a Novel With a Ghost

agentfin: The UX of Community in Contested Space


Urban Cycling : Bike Lanes :: The Internet : A Code of Conduct

I’ve been struggling to try to put into words why a Code of Conduct is so important in tech. It’s difficult. Particularly since the issue has been so thoroughly polarized into one of women vs men. Particularly since any attempt to…



apparently there’s this new trend going around Japanese schools where they’re faking Dragon Ball fights.

it is AWESOME.


Bottled History from Smith Journal on Vimeo.

Ray Gascoigne has been around boats his whole life, as a shipwright, a merchant sailor, and now as a ship builder on the smallest dry dock there is: a bottle. This short film by Smith Journal and Melbourne-based production studio Commoner picks through the wood chips to tell the story of a craft honed over 60 years, and the man behind it. A step-by-step account of the process was featured in Smith Journal volume six. More info about the project here: bit.ly/YUU07v

Presented by Smith Journal (smithjournal.com.au)
A film by Commoner (vimeo.com/commonerfilms)
Music by Ben Yardley